The Expressway Site:
The Expressway Site is your premier source of information about “at-grade expressways” in the United States and Canada. Contrary to the belief of most people in the Northeast and Chicago regions, an expressway (as defined by the US Federal Highway Administration and most state departments of transportation) is not the same thing as a freeway. Freeways are fully controlled access highways with no at-grade intersections. Expressways are a cross between a freeway and a normal road. In short, an expressway is a highway with at-grade intersections and possibly traffic lights, but with strict restrictions on the existence of driveways. These highways are useful because they move traffic more efficiently without all of the costs and disruptions of a freeway. Officially, the FHWA defines expressways as highways with “partial access control” and defines partial access control as “the exercise of police power to limit access to a highway from abutting land to specified and controlled points. In addition to possible interchanges there may be some crossings at grade with  public roads, but direct private driveway connections have been minimized.”

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